4 Legs and a Tale – Pumpkin’s Story

I met with Pumpkin’s owners, Andrew and Nikki, and asked them some questions about their beloved Pumpkin.

Andrew and Nikki live in Washington, and enjoy taking Pumpkin on walks and wherever they go.

Q: Tell me about Pumpkin
A: She’s a sweetheart who knows how to get exactly what she wants. She has a big personality. She thinks she is a big dog!

Q: Pumpkin has an interesting bark.
A: She doesn’t bark, really. She “roos”, like, “Rooooo-roooo.” It’s adorable.

Q: How did Pumpkin come into your lives?
A: We moved in together and knew we wanted to get a dog right away. We had Pumpkin within ten days. We got her from some people who couldn’t keep her anymore and listed her on Craigslist. They had found her by the side of the road, all matted and thin. They took her in, took her to the vet and groomer and took care of her until their circumstances changed and they needed to find her a new home.

Q: What breed of dog is Pumpkin?
A: We’re not really sure because she was a stray. We think she is part Cocker Spaniel and part Havanese.

Q: How did you name her?
A: We got her in the fall, and she is kind of pumpkin-colored.

Q: Why did you choose a Frida Kahlo masterpiece for Pumpkin’s portrait?
A: This was a gift, and the giver knew how much we like Frida Kahlo, and thought it would be perfect for us.

Thanks, Andrew and Nikki! And Pumpkin!


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